Lying in Judgment

Camas, WA — Gary Corbin knows a thing or two about writing, and his latest project, a legal thriller called “Lying in Judgment,” is the perfect setting for a shift in his career.

The accomplished playwright is known for a string of comedy productions including “Happy Anniversary” and “P.S., I Love Your Daughter” and for his frequent contributions to the Portland Tribune.

Now with the release of “Lying in Judgment” he’s adding author to his long list of credits.

The idea for “Judgment,” which was just released on March 5, has been brewing in his mind for 25 years. He even started writing the book 10 years ago, and has had an on-again, off-again relationship with becoming an author. It’s on now, and this book is a page-turner, says fellow author, Bob Ferguson.

“You’ll love this book,” he said at Corbin’s inaugural book signing, which was held this past Saturday, at Caps N’ Taps in downtown Camas. “Gary really knows how to tell a story. He’s very creative.”

The packed tavern was filled with adoring fans, many of whom brought already-purchased copies of his first novel.

“It feels amazing to do this,” said Corbin, as he greeted fans. “This has been in the works for years, and to see it in print is absolutely amazing.”

Corbin’s book is an original story with a fresh take on the legal thriller genre. The novel is based on a guilty juror, and says Corbin, “that doesn’t happen.”

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to be a juror, and to see an average person serve is an interesting perspective,” he adds. “And local readers get the added benefit of having Portland sites be part of the story. They’ll read about a scene at Pioneer Courthouse Square and it’ll be familiar to them.”

The History on His Legal Thriller

When Corbin first started writing “Judgment” about 10 years ago, he spent 18 months writing and revising the original manuscript, and at the time the publishing industry was going through a retraction. That initiated some hesitancy.

“The industry took a big hit,” he says. “But it’s on the rebound now.”

After much research, he felt it was time to pick it up again, and he started the legal thriller anew in 2015 set on publishing the book under his own imprint, which is called Double Diamond Publishing. He says it’s so much easier to self-publish now, especially with tools such as Smash Words and Create Space (which is a part of Amazon).

The challenge, however, is that larger bookstores work closely with the large publishing houses.

“That makes it hard to get the book into the major stores,” Corbin adds. “They simply prefer to work with major distributors, so I have to be very persistent. Vintage Books let us in, and the book has sold well at their store.”

See to learn more about their bookstore.

He said the whole process has been very educational, and that he’s already working on his next novel, which is a mystery called “The Mountain Man’s Dog”

Book lovers can order a paperback at, download a Kindle or iTunes version at, and also try Kobo. To date, printed versions account for 45% of “Lying in Judgment’s” sales.

To learn more about Corbin’s journey, go to “Lying in Judgment” Feature or visit 

The book is available online:


Lying in Judgment Novel

“Lying in Judgment” book author, Gary Corbin, had his first book signing at Caps N’ Taps in downtown Camas.


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